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UQ Holder!: Mahou Sensei Negima! 2 T.V. Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

It’s time for a new friend!

Tota and Yukihime may have left their home, but danger still lurks on the road. A chance encounter while taking a bath floats Tota right into our newest character bum. Kuroumaru, is here and is on a mission to put an immortal down. Not just any immortal, Yukihime is the target that must be eliminated at all cost. Kuroumaru, is banished from his home until he complete this mission, however things won’t be so easy. Since Yukihime is way out of his league Tota is put in to fight. Tota, agrees to fight, but only on the condition that he get something out of it. Upon victory he request Kuroumaru’s friendship and well the rest is history! The later half of the episode is mainly fun times at an open bath with the trio. Then we end with a big reveal, but I’ll let you watch to see what it is.

Overall, a action packed and sexy episode! Personally I enjoyed this episode more than the first one. We’re given a head to head confrontation between Tota and Kuroumaru. A bit bloody, but a battle between immortals is always exciting. On the lewd side of things this episode had two different bath scenes. The first one was a bit short, but it’s our initial introduction to, Kuroumaru. Later on we get to see both, Kuroumaru and Yukihime reveal some skin. Although mainly comedy based it’s good to see some skinship. Good stuff, but let’s get to that media. Enjoy!


Here’s this week end card.




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