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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 1

by Yumiko

In this world magic is everything, without it you’re nothing.

Black Clover, has finally began its T.V. Airing and I am personally very excited to see it all in motion. As a reader of the source material I’m thoroughly impressed by this adaption so far. Our journey begins with two newborns left at the door step of a church. The duo is raised in a small poor village, but as they say big things come from small place. As our duo reaches the ripe age of 15 their true adventure is just about to begin…

Now, let’s’ get down to what Black Clover is about. This story is the embodiment of hard work VS natural talent. Our MC, Asta, goes above and beyond anyone else to train his body. He has no magical talent what so ever, but that doesn’t stop him. Asta’s goal of becoming the next magical leader of his country is his dream. No matter the threat or danger Asta will go arms length to see that his dream is completed. On the other hand we have his rival, Yuno. This boy is natural talent incarnate. So far he’s been blessed with superb magical powers and given a rare 4-leaf clover grimoire. As the show progresses Asta will be making more rivals, but the rivalry between Asta and Yuno will remain strong. This is a story about two boys striving to become the next magical emperor of their nation and their trials before getting there. Anyhow, onto the media, enjoy!


Asta’s main love interest is his “Sister”. Let me clearly state that she’s a Sister of the church and not his real sister. Anyhow, in the manga I always though Asta was off his rocks for believing she was the one. The manga didn’t really highlight her beauty. However, the anime really does make her quite beautiful. Later on Asta will have bombshell gals chasing after him, but he still only wants, Sister.

The face of rejection.




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We’re leaving off with a bit of a cliff hanger here, but the fight will be resolved fairly quickly next episode. Our journey is just beginning but expect it to got into full throttle soon. Black Clover, is known for its fast pace so don’t even think about blinking. Look forward to more and see you next week!



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