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UQ Holder!: Mahou Sensei Negima! 2 T.V. Media Review Episode 1

by Yumiko

Introducing Anime Solution first pick up of the fall 2017 season, UQ Holder!

First off a few important things to note about this series. This anime is labeled as a continuation. However, it is not required that you must watch the previous anime entries. If you have then you’ll be a lot more familiar with the characters and setting. Everything will be explained that is necessary for this story. Nonetheless anyone can pick this up from the start now and enjoy it!

Now let’s get down to what happened here. It’s episode 1 and we’re already on the fast track for some action and fan service! The first couple minutes is a flashback with the bulk of service for this episode. Unfortunately, they do censor the butt shots, but those will probably be removed with the blu-ray release. Anyhow, our setting begins in a village far off from the big city. A young group of boys all dream to one day make it big and leave their little village behind. However, before they can go to the city they must first defeat their teacher. Their teacher, Yukihime, is unbelievably strong with the power of magic to her aid. The boys are easily defeated each time they attempt a attack. One of the boys teachers, Tachibana, witnesses their defeat and thus offer his help with magic training. Unknown to everyone, Tachibana, had a sinister goal in mind. Now our MC, Touta, is about experience a world his guardian was dearly trying to protect him from.

Art wise J.C. Staff is a bit of mixed bag here. There’s a few shining moments in this episode especially during the action in the later half. However, the art does suffer during low key moments. I know this studio can do great work, but this episode kinda felt like it could have been more. Hopefully later episodes do not suffer too much. Anyways, let’s get to that media, enjoy!


OP: Nothing spectacular, but some good stills were throw into the mix.



Episode 1:

I have to say I’m surprised but thankful they didn’t censor the blood. I know this was done heavily in Tokyo Ghoul and Terra Formars. It can be quite immersive breaking when such things are done, but it’s on full display here!

And here’s his week end card!




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More UQ Holder! to come every Monday here at, Anime Solution. Stay tuned for more!


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