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Konohana Kitan T.V. Media Review Episode 1

by Yumiko

Time for a new chapter in life…

Konohana Kitan, begins with our protagonist, Yuzu, leaving her old home in the mountains and moving into a village. Within this village she will begin her new life working at a hot springs inn. Yuzu, is quite inexperienced and everything around her is new. On top of this she is your typical airhead but cute female lead. Anyhow, our first episode is all about training and getting immersed into the new life. Yuzu, begins learning how to work the inn from, Satsuki. These two butt heads for a bit, but they shortly come to a quick understanding of one another. Later on, Sakura, teaches Yuzu the allure of the inn life. Working at an inn requires a lot of work, but one must also take a step back and appreciate the beauty around them.

Visually, Lerche, does a fantastic job of setting the mood for this series. Anyone coming into this show should expect many slice of life elements. One could just simply say this will be cute fox girls doing cute things in a hot springs inn. Speaking of hot springs we’re given 1 bath scene and 2 onsen scenes. I know for a fact the source material for Konohana Kitan can be a bit lewd. Expect some fan service every now and then viewing the show. Thankfully Lerche didn’t cheap out on the service scenes, so they look spectacular too! Anyways, let’s get to the media, enjoy!

OP: Just a few select cute images.


Episode 1:






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More Konohana Kitan to come here every Wednesday here at Anime Solution! Look forward to more cute fox girls doing cute things!


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