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Maoujou de Oyasumi T.V. Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

Fifteen minutes is plenty of sleep.

The most wonderful time of year has arrived, though Syalis can’t get what she wants within the demon realm. A trip back home is necessary, yet nothing is ever simple with this princess. What started as a five-minute trip quickly spiraled into chaos. Nonetheless, Syalis won’t allow this merry day to end on a sour note. In a similar fashion to how everything began, Syalis has fixed everything just in time for bed.


Story: 8/10

It should be recognized this is a comedy before everything else. After the first few minutes of this show, the entire running formula was set up. With that in mind, it was very important that Syalis could hold her own. Now, I can say with utmost certainty she did that. Syalis is one wicked princess no matter the situation she’s in. On top of that, she’s surrounded by a stellar supporting cast. From the teddy demons to the Demon Lord himself, they each held their own quite nicely.

Art/Animation: 7/10

I’ve covered and watched a number of Doga Kobo titles in the past. They’re all typically around the same level of quality, and I would say the same for this title too. However, I can’t ignore the large amount of panning shots found throughout each episode. I expect a fair amount from comedy titles, but sometimes they really were panning everything. Nonetheless, the art was spot on when it came to capturing Syalis’ cuteness or mischievous deeds. Going to sleep has never looked so beautiful.

Enjoyment: 9/10

Before reviewing any title that relies heavily on comedy, I’m always a bit afraid. There’s no telling if only one episode will be funny or the jokes will lose impact over time. Fortunately, our sleepy princess gave me several hearty laughs each episode. While the base was the same every chapter, there were enough differences to keep everything fresh. I would have to say this is where the supporting cast showed up the most. These demons are simply dancing to Syalis’ beat.

I’m more than happy with awarding Maoujou de Oyasumi with an 8. There’s plenty of laughs to be found and cuteness to fill your heart with this one. Moreover, I wouldn’t hold your breath for a season two. There’s more than enough source material for another season, but one season is typically enough for comedy titles. Pushing for too much fun will kill the dream. Anyhow, the queen got the best gift of them all. Enjoy a short trip back home!





There’s no one to interrupt us now. We can finally sleep in peace.

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