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Akatsuki no Yona Blu-ray Media Review Episode 22

by Yumiko

She has some blood on her hands.

Port Awa’s dark days have come to a close. The locals will no longer have to fear Kum-Ji, though it came at a price. What Yona’s father fought against for all his life has come to pass. His daughter’s pure hands now have blood on them. Nonetheless, the path Yona now walks would’ve eventually reached this point. If she’s to ever seriously take back her kingdom, then she must fight. Still, the following day had a new surprise awaiting the princess. The one she wished to give her heart to has arrived on scene. Anyhow, Su-won has got the princess in the palm of his hand. Enjoy the final fight of the Pirates of Port Awa!





What’s the king’s next move? Hopefully we find out before the end of the year…

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