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Date A Live II Blu-ray Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

It’s all about Miku!

They may be back home, but Shido’s troubles are far from over. It wasn’t long before he ran into a new Spirit, though this one won’t be so easily charmed. The songstress, Miku Izayoi, is no fan of men yet that can be taken care of. With the right set of people and tools behind him, Shiori Itsuka was born. Now, while Miku only partakes in the company of ladies, she only views them as servants. When it came time to bend Shiori to her will, Shido stood unfazed. This could only mean a few things, still Shiori was able to walk away in one piece. A challenge by Miku has been put forth. In the upcoming competition between their schools, Shido and all those he’s saved thus far were put on the line. He either takes first place or loses them all to Miku. Moreover, Shido has become a prime target for DEM. Tohka isn’t the only one that has to watch her back now. Anyhow, Kotori has a new big sister. Enjoy your new female lead!





How do you feel about Miku? It’s Miku til the end here at, Anime Solution.

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