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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 148

by Yumiko

It’s finally over!

With reinforcements showing up one after another, the Devil Believers played their trump card. Unfortunately, their hope in Dazu’s magic quickly turned to fear. Her magic attracted the attention of a monster from the strong magic region. However, such a creature was easily dealt with by the Magic Knights. After such a brilliant display of skills, the Magic Knights simply wanted to talk with the Devil Believers and those that followed behind them. An understanding between both parties was reached, and no one shall be punished. However, the leaders of the Devil Believers won’t be able to walk away without being judged. They’ve committed far too many crimes, yet turning around is not possible for them. Even though they’ve lost everything, they continued to press forward towards the Spade Kingdom. Being exiled has only strengthened their will to press forward.

Like all original arcs, this won’t change a thing in the long run. Nero was saved, Asta got his grimoire back, and the peasants returned to their homes on hollow words. Surely the Clover Kingdom will start taking care of its people, right? Realistically speaking, those people went right back to suffering. As for the leaders of the Devil Believers, they either died crossing the strong magic region or were assassinated. The Clover Kingdom wouldn’t leave such a liability in enemy territory, right? If they made it to the Spade Kingdom an even worse fate awaited them. Since the anime hasn’t said much about the Spade Kingdom, you’ll have to take my word on that one. Anyhow, it’s time to say our good-byes to the Devil Believers. Enjoy life as an exile!





This original arc may be over, though originality doesn’t stop here. Join us for another offbeat episode next Tuesday.

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