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Majo no Tabitabi T.V. Media Review Episode 1

by Yumiko

Every journey begins somewhere.

Among opening episodes, I would have to place this near the top. It’s rare to experience a showing that’s engaging from start to finish. Best of all, there were no cheap tricks to be found. The art and animation was some of the best you’ll find for a televised airing. I even got the anime blues once it came to an end. Here’s hoping future episodes can hold a candle close to this one. Anyhow, ready to travel the world? Enjoy experiencing Elaina’s first steps to her dream!





Can they keep up the spectacular quality? Our journey truly begins next time.

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MingZih (@guest_4217)
1 year ago

Well, this is my first anime ever and i liked the character {elaina, fran, saya} and storylines so much, i hope that this comment will be read by author if possible..

Frevile (@guest_4132)
3 years ago

It helps me as a reference on painting works, thanks to you Yumiko-san!

Adam Kohut
Adam Kohut (@guest_3976)
3 years ago

This show simply took my breath away, it is so spectacular, the characters are very kind and pleasing, not to mention the animation quality was astonishingly fluid. I was actually taken back at how great the animations were, it was really a brilliant sight to behold. I will definitley watch this show to the end if I will be able to cause so far, it’s one of my favourites this season for sure! <3