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Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma☆Illya OVA Media Review

by Yumiko

Just dance!

The annual sports festival has arrived for Illya and friends. Despite being unfamiliar with the event, Miyu initially felt confident in her ability to perform. As the final bell for the day rang, Illya and friends eavesdropped on their teacher, Taiga. While they didn’t hear the full details, they believed their teacher may lose her purity if they aren’t the winning class. In the days that followed, those of Class 5-1 put in their all. Unfortunately, Miyu’s friends have discovered the one thing she doesn’t excel at, dancing. Although she’s able to easily memorize the dance moves, she’s stiff as a rock. Nonetheless, this is something a little magic can fix. With some minor assistance from Ruby and Sapphire, Illya and Miyu put on a performance that their friends and families won’t soon forget. Still, the matter of Taiga’s purity soon came back into focus. As it turns out, she was never in any danger. She was simply trying to protect her meat, though her students have now taken their claim to it.

While this wasn’t a plot moving episode, it’s always nice to see a day in the life of Illya and friends. It can’t be action and drama all the time. Moreover, this may be one of the last Illya posts here. This show will always remain a 10 in my heart, and Illya is forever my best girl, but my ability to operate Anime Solution remains uncertain. I’ll still attempt to get a post done on the specials, though. There’s an iconic scene that just must be covered. Anyhow, ready to bust a move? Enjoy a well animated dance sequence!





About those specials… Stay tuned for hopefully more!

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