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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 146

by Yumiko

They’re on the move!

Using the last of his strength, Damnatio’s subordinate, Kabwe, told those in charge of the investigation everything he knew. Those that defected from Damnatio’s side were just mere pawns to a larger scheme. The Devil Banishers were in reality the Devil Believers, and they now have nearly everything they wanted. In the eyes of a peasant or commoner, a devil’s potential promised power they could only dream of. After learning the latest details, The Black Bulls were assigned to track down the Devil Believers. Unfortunately, their search took a strange turn. As they investigated town after town, they found a number of citizens were vanishing. On top of that, no one would tell them what was going on. It wasn’t until they eavesdropped on a conversation that they got a solid lead. Asta’s story is now being used to recruit people far and wide. If a boy with no magic could achieve so much, then answering to a Devil’s power may be the cure to all their problems. Nonetheless, the Devil Believers know their place. They’re heading to a land where devils are welcomed, yet not everything can go their way. The Black Bulls have finally caught up to them.

Somehow this episode managed to move the plot forward, yet it felt incredibly slow. I know this is filler, but it’s getting harder to take this whole investigation serious by the week. Even with that said, we’ve still got a few more chapters of this to go. So, get ready for them to drag this out further. You better start believing in those devils! Anyhow, the temptation of power is always the sweetest. Enjoy a trip across the strong magic region.





Is it finally time for some action? We confront the Devil Believers next Tuesday.

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