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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 144

by Yumiko

The trail has grown cold.

Questioning the people of Tiulyu Town led nowhere. These people have little love for the Magic Knights after recent events. Additionally, the Devil Banishers now know that the Magic Knights are closing in on them. The tracker that Nero took with her was soon discovered, then re-purposed to lead the Magic Knights away. With no further clues to go on, the investigation team withdrew to the capital. Fearing what may come, several Magic Knight Captains, Damnatio, and the Wizard King held a meeting. If the Devil Banishers issue isn’t handled with care, then the kingdom may face a revolution. There are many that feel disappointed by the Magic Knights lack of justice towards the servants of the devil. Those behind the Devil Banishers are likely several of Damnatio’s subordinates, yet knowing their faces isn’t enough to stop them. Once they gain the hearts of the people with a public execution, there will be no stopping the inevitable. They’ll be fighting a war on two fronts.

Outside the building tension, Asta is finally back up on his feet. While he already wants to leap back into action to save Nero, he’ll need to watch himself first. The only reason Marie and Nero haven’t been executed yet is because there’s a bigger fish to fry. As Asta is known to have a devil always by his side, the Devil Banishers plan to bait him out with a public execution. Word has already gone out to the people, and now only time will tell what awaits. Anyhow, the Clover Kingdom can’t afford to lose one of its best for the upcoming battle. Enjoy yet another meeting with the captains!





It’s nearly time for the executions. Join us for some blood next Tuesday.

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