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Girls und Panzer Blu-ray Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

The final operation begins now!

As it turns out, the Maus isn’t impenetrable after all. While Ooarai lost another tank in the process, they’ve eliminated Kuromorimine’s juggernaut. With only four tanks remaining, Ooarai began Operation Dizzy Wander. Once Kuromorimine’s main forces arrived on scene, the Ooarai squad divided up into three. Being picked off was essential for this plan to work, though it allowed for Anglerfish Team to face off solely against Kuromorimine’s flag tank. A duel between the sister Nishizumis soon broke out, and Leopon Team’s sacrifice won’t be in vain. Unlike their match against St. Gloriana, their daring last minute tactic paid off. After the smoke cleared out, Ooarai Girls Academy was declared the 63rd National High School Champions.

In the aftermath of Ooarai’s well deserved victory, the sister Nishizumis have come to understand one another. While it may have not been the traditional Nishizumi Style, Maho now recognizes her sister’s way of doing senshado. Furthermore, a victory here should mean Ooarai won’t be closing its doors. Upon returning to Ooarai, a victory celebration was in full force. Cheered on by the citizens of Ooarai, Miho and friends proudly paraded their tanks through the streets. The bonds that they’ve made along the way won’t be shattered after all.

Story: 8/10

Let’s just get this straight from the beginning, Girls und Panzer’s story is as basic as they come. This was a simple they have to do X to save Y. There are tons of these stories out in the world. However, what sets GUP apart is how they handle their cast and setting. In many of these large female cast adaptations, they tend to put their main attraction in harms way. Hurting or even killing the cute girls never goes over well with the fans, but GUP’s setting fixes this perfectly. You can have your cute girls and the action due to how senshado operates. Since the tanks are taking the beating, the story never had to pull punches. Additionally, the simplicity of this story was honestly for the better. You get to witness the Ooarai squad slowly build itself up to achieve a memorable underdog story. There are no world ending threats here, just some girls trying to save what they love.

Art/Animation: 9/10

In the majority of shows I review here, I see countless cheap tricks pulled off all season long. Most anime truthfully boils down to hundreds, if not thousands of panning and zooming shots. When used appropriately, these shots are fine, though they’re abused far too often. Now, Actas may not be known for its speed, but they know when their product is perfected. It was an absolute pleasure to capture the art and animation of Girls und Panzer. This is one of the few shows I can say with utmost certainty, they were clean from start to finish. Moreover, I’d like to highlight Actas’ usage of CG and SFX. Anime is no stranger to bad CG, yet what Actas pumped out was the complete opposite. There was never a moment where the immersion was broken. On top of that, the sound effects from the tanks were a blast to hear. It’s almost as if you’re in the tank along with the cast.

Enjoyment: 10/10

This score shouldn’t come much as a surprise. Prior to reviewing GUP, I watched it twice a couple of years ago. I’ve always had only good things to say about this show, but I didn’t know just how good it was. Taking a closer look at this anime has given me a new appreciation for it. I’ve already gone over many of the spectacular points about GUP, so I won’t reiterate them. Just know that Girls und Panzer deserves all the success it’s obtained over the years. This show is how you do cute girls plus action right.

I proudly award Girls und Panzer with an overall score of 9. As long as you’re a fan of large female casts, then this is one anime I would highly recommend. You won’t be disappointed in the girls or the action they bring along. Additionally, it should be noted that GUP has an ongoing animation. If you liked what you saw here, well there’s still plenty more to come. Ooarai’s story isn’t over quite yet. Anyhow, it’s time to wave the flag of victory. Enjoy one last lesson in the art of senshado!





Should we continue? Look forward to other exciting conclusions here at, Anime Solution.

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Custom (@guest_3944)
3 years ago

Will you do the OVAs, der Film and das Finale (despite being just 2 parts released so far out of 6)?