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Overlord Blu-ray Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

Just how many skills does she have?

Not everyone from Nazarick agrees with Ainz’s latest move. Demiurge can’t believe Albedo allowed their master to fight alone. However, Albedo has all the hope in the world for Ainz. While they watch from within the tomb, she knows the one she loves will return victorious. Elsewhere, Ainz prepared for a fight heavily against the odds. Before confronting Shalltear, he equipped Aura and Mare with World Items. Their sole job is to eliminate any that would dare interfere with Ainz’s duel. As the one behind Shalltear’s mind control is still at large, Ainz isn’t willing to take any more risks. Nonetheless, Shalltear still recognizes Ainz to some degree. Once he began throwing spells her way, she got a lot more talkative. She knows not who her current master is, but she’s been ordered to strike anyone who attacks her. Now, despite being at a large disadvantage, Ainz was able to remain standing. Though Shalltear nearly drained him of all his mana, this was exactly what he wanted. Even as Shalltear believed she was moments away from winning, Ainz confidently announced everything is going according to his plan.

This episode was all about Ainz Ooal Gown versus Shalltear Bloodfallen. As such, there’s not a lot to go over. We’ll definitely be seeing a conclusion to their duel soon, but the big question still remains. Who in the world mind controlled Shalltear? Not just anyone is walking around with World Items. Anyhow, the Bloody Valkyrie remains practically unscathed. Enjoy witnessing the highest tiers of magic!





This battle is far from over. Join us for the climax next time!

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