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Kantai Collection: KanColle Blu-ray Media Review Episode 11

by Yumiko

Can they change fate?

As of late, Akagi’s dreams have turned into nightmares. Unable to shake the feeling that their biggest mission yet will end in disaster, she approached Nagato with her concerns. The inescapable fate that’s taken a hold of Akagi is also shared by Nagato. While they can’t stop what’s in motion, they’ve made last minute changes to the operation. It’s now their hope that these alterations will bring about a new outcome. The following day, Operation MI launched with high hopes. The main fleet departed the Navel District and planned to unite with their forces at Truk Island. Unfortunately, no matter how long they waited, Yamato was nowhere to be found. Fearing they would lose their element of surprise, Akagi instructed Fubuki and Kongou to stay behind. Though this wasn’t what Fubuki wanted to hear, she knew it was the correct decision. Meanwhile, Akagi and the rest of the fleet successfully pulled off a surprise attack. Their first airstrike nearly took out the island’s Airfield Princess. Just as they were about to send off a second round of planes, an all too familiar Abyssal revealed herself. Surrounded and taking heavy fire, it would seem Akagi couldn’t beat fate after all. Nonetheless, there’s still light at the end of this tunnel. Just as a fatal blow was heading her way, a voice called out to her.

Episode 11 leaves us off on a major cliffhanger, but they need to have something for the finale. Everyone will be fighting for their lives once we pick it back up. Moreover, if you’re unfamiliar with the details of Akagi’s dream, it’s about the real Battle of Midway. Regarded as the major turning point in the Pacific Ocean theater, this was when Akagi and her fellow carriers met their ultimate fate. Now, while this anime has made death a real thing, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. They can’t massacre everyone on the final episode, right? Anyhow, the heroine has yet to show up to the main stage. Enjoy the start of Operation MI!





It’s not over yet. We’re changing fate one last time next Thursday.

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