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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 143

by Yumiko

The scales have been tilted too far.

While Asta is simply taking a long nap, the rest of his squad was searching for answers. Upon learning the message the Devil Banishers left behind at the orphanage, Gauche went immediately for Damnatio. The scene he caused soon drew in the other Black Bulls, but Damnatio cleared his name thanks to Marx’s magic. However, his memories did reveal one important fact. There’s one among Damnatio’s circle missing. This individual’s hatred for the agents of the devil was their first major lead. Before departing Damnatio’s office, Julius sent the Black Bulls a message and extra help. The magical item used to track Asta’s every move was swapped onto another body. It would seem during the Devil Banishers ambush, Nero took Asta’s tracker. Together with Nozel, the Black Bulls have set their eyes on Tiulyu Town. Unfortunately, the signal grew cold just as they arrived. While this may be a trap, they’ve split up into pairs to investigate the town.

If you’re familiar with the filler arcs from Bleach or Naruto, then this is beginning to look very similar. The pacing is starting to get slow, and we’re getting a lot of flashbacks. Nonetheless, we’re going to be dealing with the Devil Banishers for at least a few more episodes. As this is a ragtag group, I wouldn’t expect any flashy fights in the foreseeable future. This will likely end with an important lesson for all parties involved. Anyhow, Asta can’t sleep on us forever. Enjoy the flight to Tiulyu Town!





They’re taking it real slow. Join us for further investigations next Tuesday.

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