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Girls und Panzer Blu-ray Media Review Episode 11

by Yumiko

They’ve taken the bait.

Busting out play after play, Ooarai has taken Kuromorimine for a ride around the forest and then up a mountain. During all their maneuvers, they were able to disable or eliminate several of Kuromorimine’s tanks. Unfortunately, Ooarai’s luck started to run thin once they had to cross a river. Rabbit Team’s tank stalled out in the middle of their crossing. Although Rabbit Team told the others to leave them behind, Miho just couldn’t do it. Even with Kuromorimine closing in on their location, she put her teammates first. It may not be the Nishizumi style the world knows, but it’s the Nishizumi style that Ooarai proudly follows. Nonetheless, Ooarai was able to cross the river without taking a scratch. Their next plan called for baiting Kuromorimine into urban warfare. Unknown to the Ooarai squad, Kuromorimine had their juggernaut of a tank waiting for them. The Panzer VIII Maus eliminated Mallard and Hippo Team without so much as flinching. This is one tank Ooarai won’t be able to pierce.

Episode 11 was purely action based, so there’s not too much to go over this time. Still, it should be remembered how important this match is. If Ooarai is unable to pull out a victory here, then they can kiss their school good-bye. It’s all or nothing once the action resumes. Anyhow, victories have been obtained with worse odds. Enjoy taking the high ground!







No match can last forever. Tune in next week to learn Ooarai’s ultimate fate.

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