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Yumiko Dream’s of Darling

by Yumiko

As foretold in the dead sea scrolls…

Back when Anime Solution started up, Darling in the FranXX was requested several times. Though I agreed to do it eventually, it’s been difficult finding time to squeeze this one in. However, since things may be coming to an end soon, I plan to keep good on my word. You’ll be seeing a lot more Darling in the FranXX over the coming weeks. Moreover, we’re dreaming about this one because I’m simply running low on energy. Spring took more out of me than I anticipated. Regardless, the media is still the best out there. There’s plenty of high quality Zero Two to be found below. Anyhow, let’s not make this one too long now. Enjoy making sense of this one!




Episode 1:




This dream has only just gotten started. Look forward to plenty more!

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andrew janowski
andrew janowski (@andrew_janowski_2)
3 years ago

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