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Princess Connect! Re:Dive T.V. Media Review Episode 13

by Yumiko

The princess strikes back!

After being saved by Labyrista, the ladies of Gourmet Guild awoke inside Landosol Castle. Though they were safe for the moment, Kokkoro couldn’t keep her eyes off the portrait of the royal family. The princess in the picture looked far too similar to Pecorine. No longer able to keep her identity a secret from her friends, Pecorine uttered her true name, Eustiana von Astraea. However, this raised even more questions from Kokkoro. As it turns out, Pecorine has been forgotten by everyone. Prior to the formation of Gourmet Guild, she was sent off on a journey by her father and mother. She was tasked with listening to the voices of her people throughout the continent. Although she made numerous precious memories during her adventure, she returned home to an imposter sitting in her place. Not even her own parents recognized her upon her return. Fortunately, she was able to escape before her imposter got to her. With no where left to go, Pecorine decided to go on an endless journey. It was at this point she ran into her current group of friends. Still, she feared revealing the truth about her past. Reliving the pain of being forgotten scared her, yet the bonds she made within Gourmet Guild can not be severed. Kokkoro has sworn on this day to never forget Pecorine.

Their bonds may be unbreakable, but their foe still stands. While the ladies of Gourmet Guild soon rejoined the fight, Yuuki was still chatting with Labyrista. She’s revealed pieces of the truth before Yuuki, and it’s allowed him to summon up the courage to not falter in battle. This time he will protect his friends. Upon gifting a portion of her power to Yuuki, she sent him back into the fray. Empowering himself and those around him, the shadow before them didn’t stand a chance. With victory at their backs, they were then teleported back into town. Hailed as heroes, their days of adventuring together have only just gotten started.

Story: 7.5/10

I’ve seen a number of mobile game adaptations in the past, and I have to say this was the best one yet. Yes, the story is very light for the most part, and the main draw are the females, but how the cast was handled made this special. From the beginning, we’re given a solid framework with the hero and heroines. Once they were established, we got to experience the world and a steady flow of new characters. Nearly every week a new guild got to mingle with the main cast. It should be noted that existing characters and newly introduced characters never overshadowed one another. Everyone was given an equal opportunity to shine. Moreover, there is a serious portion of the story worth mentioning. Outside all the fluffiness, a truth that only a few remember ties down this world. We were only given bits and pieces throughout the show, though. If this show ever gets another season, a lot of questions raised in the last two episodes will be answered. Until such a time comes, Gourmet Guild will continue researching the finest dishes in the land.

Art/Animation: 9.5/10

You know, I love it when my anime is animated. A majority of the shows I’ve covered may be considered slideshows at times, but Princess Connect was alive from start to finish. Cygames Pictures displayed their talent beautifully. Even outside of action sequences, the characters were always on the move. This made for plenty of catchable opportunities. I’m sure many of you have noticed the large amount of videos in these posts. There was hardly ever a dull moment to be found. As for the character art, it was nearly always on target. As I said previously, the girls are the main allure.

Enjoyment: 10/10

In a world where new waifus rain down from the sky every day, Princess Connect stands at the top. It’s actually amazing how many top tier designs this property contained. Even outside the core group, each week introduced new beauties. While Kokkoro stole my heart from episode one, there’s a waifu here for just about everyone. Aside from the killer waifu game, I have to say the story being mostly fluff was for the best. When ever the main attraction is the girls, a serious story just never seems to work. Keeping this premise in mind, I’ve only seen one other show do this correctly. Not every work out there needs a thrilling story behind it.

Princess Connect was without a doubt my favorite show coming out of spring 2020. An overall score of 9/10 is well deserved. Prior to this anime, Princess Connect had a solid following, and the anime has pumped those numbers even further. Here’s hoping another season is in the works. As long as they can keep up the quality, then Princess Connect has a bright future. Anyhow, ready to test those bonds? Enjoy banishing the shadows one last time!





We’re ending our seasonal coverage off strong. Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to look forward to more.

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Custom (@guest_3753)
3 years ago

The bath scene with Kyaru was beautiful. It’s an good wallpaper.