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Akatsuki no Yona Blu-ray Media Review Episode 19

by Yumiko

It’s a pirate’s life for thee.

Determined to prove herself worthy of joining the crew, Yona was tasked with obtaining a valuable medicinal herb. Said herb is located in a cave, though the route to this cave is not to be taken lightly. One misstep and Yona will be claimed by the sea. Despite the danger of having to do this all alone, she refused to back down. After being escorted by Jae-ha to the location where her trial would begin, he continued to follow her. As Yona struggled with each step, Jae-ha learned more and more about her. Even when fear gripped her, she continued to move forward. Not only did her actions surprise him, her words did too. She was able to obtain a bag full of herbs on her own. However, Yona’s luck ran out during her return trip. Unable to hold himself back, Jae-ha saved Yona from being swept away. While this was in direct violation of Captain Gi-gan’s orders, his captain raised him to do better. Regardless of his intervention, Yona was accepted by Captain Gi-gan.

Later that same day, Captain Gi-gan confided in Yona about the future. If all goes well with taking down Kum-Ji, then she plans to disband the crew. However, there’s one loose end to her future plans. Her crew is the only home Jae-ha has ever known. She hopes Yona will take him along on her journey, though Jae-ha had something to say about that. He still plans to fully retain his freedom. Even if it means being alone, he’s still not sold on the idea of following his blood. Elsewhere on the boat, Shin-ah spotted several ships out in the distance. This sudden arrival was expected by Gi-gan, and her crew doesn’t have a moment to waste. She’s revealed to Yona what Kum-Ji and the Kai Empire have been up to. A human trafficking deal is about to go down. Anyhow, welcome to the crew. Enjoy life as a pirate!





The moment they’ve been waiting for has arrived. We begin the endgame next time.

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