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Gleipnir T.V. Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

How did things go so wrong?

Long before this bloody game began, Shuichi attended a cram school. Together with Aiko, Elena, Honoka, Kaito, and Naoto, they made unforgettable childhood memories. Although they began to drift apart as they grew up, a fateful reunion was planned a few months prior to current events. Unfortunately, Honoka was nowhere to be found, and she wanted it that way. As Aiko told the group to forget about her, Kaito refused to let go. After thoroughly investigating Honoka’s disappearance, he fully understood why Honoka wanted to disappear. With her family life in shambles, no one would miss Honoka. Still, the way Aiko moved on the day of their reunion continued to bother him. It was almost as if she were Honoka.

A day of stalking Aiko proved fruitful for Kaito. He was able to discover the location of our resident alien. After gathering his friends, they learned the truth from the alien. Though he doesn’t normally give out personal information, he made an exception in Honoka’s case. In exchange for a coin, she replaced Aiko physically. This led Kaito to believe that Honoka murdered Aiko. However, his friends believed how things were currently were for the best. Unable to accept this conclusion, Kaito set out on a quest for revenge. As he snuffed out Honoka’s life, he truly believed he had avenged Aiko. In the days that followed, he learned how wrong he was. Aiko took her own life, and Honoka simply filled in a gap worth replacing. Overcome with guilt, Kaito didn’t rest until he found a coin. Soon a deadly rumor started to float around town, though Kaito’s friends knew the truth. In order to stop the recent string of murders, Shuichi willingly volunteered to stop Kaito.

This week’s episode is told through the mouths of Elena and Naoto. Ever since Kaito made his wish, they’ve been on a quest to stop him, though that’s easier said than done. The individual Elena hinted at to have obtained 100 coins is none other than Kaito. In order to maintain his position on top, he currently guards the crash site with “Honoka” by his side. Moreover, Claire has started an investigation of her own. She’s begun to dig into Shuichi’s past, and she’s already found a major hint. Back to where everything began, the cram school contained the mascot Shuichi took his monster appearance from. Anyhow, we’ve only got one more to go. Enjoy uncovering a tragic past!





How can this possibly end? Join us for the conclusion next Sunday.

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