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Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei shiteshimatta… T.V. Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

She’s conquered them all!

Eight years ago, Raphael Walt and his mother lived a quiet peaceful life. Though Raphael was an illegitimate son of a nobleman, Marchioness Dieke was willing to turn a blind-eye. However, when her son fell ill, she was willing to do whatever it took to save him. After blackmailing a magus and capturing Raphael and his mother, a forbidden ritual began. Raphael’s mother was soon sacrificed in order to obtain dark magic. As she fell, she only wished for her son to live on happily. Nonetheless, the coerced magus proceeded with the next step of the plan. Upon successfully transferring the memories of Sirius Dieke into Raphael, Marchioness immediately dealt with the loose end. The magus in the room was slain, though not before swearing revenge. Now, Marchioness walked away believing she had won, yet that was far from the truth. Her plan was flawed from the very beginning. The son she now cared for was merely Raphael that gained the knowledge of Sirius’ memories. On top of that, the magus she betrayed haunted Raphael. In order to get his revenge, he distorted Raphael’s memories. All these years, he believed his mother called out to him to seek revenge. Despite all that he’s been through, Katarina won’t turn him away. She may not have the power to save him, but she can stand by his side. This unexpected act caught Raphael off-guard, and allowed him to remember his mother’s true words. As Katarina took his hand, he was able to banish the shadow that loomed over him for so long.

In the aftermath of saving Raphael, he turned himself over to the local authorities. Marchioness was later arrested for her dark dealings, and Raphael was able to begin living the happy life his mother wished for. Still, Katarina believed one last chance at doom was possible. At the 2nd year graduation party, Maria should have confessed her love. However, Katarina forgot how much she’s changed from the game world. Everyone around her instead confessed to wanting to be forever by her side. Although she wasn’t expecting a friendship ending, she’ll take it. Regardless of these unexpected events, Katarina is looking forward to what comes next. There’s surely a life of adventure to come after the game, right?

Story: 8/10

Although this show began with Katarina doing everything possible to prevent her doom, it quickly transitioned into a very lighthearted tale. I know this bait and switch won’t be to everyone’s liking, but I do believe this was for the best. Katarina’s character carried this show from start to finish, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. While she may be thick in the head, she never failed to make every situation entertaining. Her unknowingly forming a reverse harem was only a bonus in this case.

Art/Animation: 8/10

I’ve seen and reviewed a fair amount of Silver Link productions, but I’ve got to say this was a strong one. Obviously this show didn’t require a lot of moving parts, so this score looks heavily at the character art. I can say with utmost certainty, they did a superb job there. On top of that, the background art was charming to capture. One might even say it was dreamy during a particular episode.

Enjoyment: 8/10

Normally, this wouldn’t be a show I would approach on my own. I was given a very convincing request for this show, and I’m happy to say they were right. Katarina is quite the remarkable character. Even when her life was on the line, this villainess knew how to deliver. The changes she made to herself and those around her made for a memorable tale.

With 8’s across the board, I’m sure you can figure out the overall score. Moreover, it seems I wasn’t the only one to fall for the villainess. If you haven’t heard the news, then Katarina will be receiving a season two next year. This won’t be the last we’ll see of Katarina and friends. Maybe doom is still on the menu? Anyhow, the villainess stands victorious. Enjoy the unexpected friendship ending!





You’ll see her again one day. Look forward to season two!

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Chris hall (@guest_3638)
3 years ago

Wife Mary Hunt and her large chest?