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Princess Connect! Re:Dive T.V. Media Review Episode 11

by Yumiko

Two sisters!?

After another eventful morning with the usual suspects, Pecorine accidentally damaged Karyl’s favorite stuffed animal. Fortunately, Kokkoro can fix this problem. All she needed was the correct materials, though that was easier said than done. As Kokkoro, Pecorine, and Yuuki headed into town, they split up in hopes of finding the perfect thread. Meanwhile, the leader of Labyrinth assigned her two guild members to observe the capital and Yuuki. Reports of people vanishing have begun to pile up, and there appears to be a shadow involved in each case. Now, Rino and Shizuru were instructed to only watch from afar, but they couldn’t stay put once they saw their “little brother” being attacked. Although Yuuki couldn’t grasp what they were saying, Shizuru vanquished the shadow in an instant. Before drawing any further attention, they got back to their duty. Later on, Yuuki reunited with Kokkoro for a snack. When Kokkoro was pulled away for a moment by Rino’s jealousy, Yuuki vanished without a trace. Fearing for the worst, they searched all over town, yet he was nowhere to be found. Without any clues to go on, Kokkoro pinned a quest in search of her lord. However, her worst fears would soon be proven wrong. Yuuki suddenly appeared before them with the materials they had been seeking. While he may have been in some danger, he’s proven he can take on a quest on his own.

On the surface, this was another lighthearted episode. However, there’s a serious plot developing in the background. Karyl’s master has grown bold lately. The number of disappearances has attracted the eyes of two members of the Seven Crowns. Details are still on the light side, so we won’t dive too heavily into it right now. Moreover, it should be noted that Rino and Shizuru know a fair amount about Yuuki. They’ve been spared from being memory wiped, though again details on that subject are limited. Anyhow, this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Labyrinth. Enjoy restoring the cat’s smile!





Are things finally getting serious again? We’re chasing shadows next Monday.

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