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Gleipnir T.V. Media Review Episode 11

by Yumiko

Was this the future she envisioned?

As the fires died down, Sayaka called off their expedition to the crash site. The toll of Claire’s plan was not something they were mentally prepared for. Though the members of Sayaka’s group struggled to come to terms with what they had done, Shuichi walked off with his head held high. Unlike the first time he had to sully his hands, he can continue to smile by Claire’s side. However, the true test of their gambit would be seen in the days to come. With their faces exposed and not knowing the fate of Madoka’s group, they may be attacked at any moment. Surprisingly, the days flew by without incident. Shuichi’s school days seemed back to normal, yet one of his trusted friends, Abukawa, was nowhere to be found. During this period, rumors of a burned corpse turning up in a river started to spread around school. Many believed this to be Abukawa, and Shuichi would soon learn the truth behind those rumors. Hellbent on revenge for Madoka and the others, the final remaining member of Madoka’s group began to stalk Shuichi. Unfortunately for him, Shuichi isn’t the same soft-hearted boy he used to be. He’s taken care of the loose end even without Claire’s assistance.

Prior to this whole collection game being started, our resident alien showed little interests in finding his displaced comrades. Nonetheless, that all changed when he met Honoka. She was the first individual to return one of his coins. Through Honoka, he learned the kindness of humanity. However, he would soon learn how ruthless humans could be. After Honoka helped laid the groundwork for the coin hunt, the world around him quickly changed. What Honoka envisioned and what came about were two entirely different beasts. Moreover, it should be noted that Honoka recruited several of her friends to get in on the coin hunt. Among her group, Elena and Shuichi could be found. Though we know how those two ended up, one among her group currently holds down the crash site. The fate of this young man and Honoka shall be our target for next time. Anyhow, Sayaka’s group may sleep soundly once more. Enjoy taking care of business!





This is your two episode warning! We’re guaranteed at least one more action packed adventure, so be sure to join us next Sunday.

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