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Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Blu-ray Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

What’s even worth fighting for?

Following Sayaka’s descent into despair, she cared not for the reward of the hunt nor Madoka’s words. If Madoka wants to help relieve her suffering, then she’ll have to first step into her shoes. Only then will she allow Madoka to stand beside her again. While Sayaka ran off on her own, Homura and Kyouko were discussing their plans for walpurgis night. Unfortunately, their meeting was cut short. After Kyuubey informed them of Sayaka’s quickly deteriorating condition, everything Homura worked for may fall apart. Sayaka’s reckless path will directly impact Madoka, and that’s something she can not afford at this stage. Before Sayaka could cause any more trouble, Homura was prepared to put her out of her misery. Although Homura fully intended to carry out this action, Kyouko stopped her at the very last moment. Regrettably, this only allowed Sayaka to walk off further into the clutches of despair. Upon hearing a truly despicable conversation on the subway, Sayaka questioned everything she had done. No longer able to contain herself, she let her magic loose on those before her. As Kyouko finally managed to catch up to her, Sayaka had already hit the point of no return. With her Soul Gem fully tainted and her hands stained red, a new witch was born right in front of Kyouko’s eyes.

During the search for Sayaka, Kyuubey pulled Madoka aside for a chat. Though Madoka has been told several times how much potential she holds if she becomes a magical girl, he’s revealed the true extent. In exchange for her soul, she can change the laws of the universe or even become a god. Her wish would even out rank that of Kyuubey’s power. Saving Sayaka was only just a few words a way, though Homura still won’t allow Madoka a chance to sell her soul. However, her interference came with revealing the true nature of her magic to Kyuubey. He now knows she can manipulate time, and she’s not from this timeline. With all their cards out on the table, Homura called Kyuubey out for what he truly is, an incubator. Their Soul Gems are just the first stage in his plan. When a magical girl fully “matures”, they become a witch. Anyhow, there’s no coming back for Sayaka now. Enjoy the depths of despair!



End Card:




A fool til the very end. This tragedy continues next Friday.

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