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Kakushigoto T.V. Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

A vacation for three?

With a new year upon them, Kakushi believed he would simply get to spend a few peaceful days with his daughter. However, that all changed when Hime won tickets to an inn. Feeling more motivated than ever, Kakushi cleared out his work schedule in record time. Unfortunately, this came at the cost of his health. A sudden cold threatened his trip with Hime, though he was back up on his feet after a good night’s rest. Now, their family vacation was a blast for Roku and Hime. In Kakushi’s case, he kept finding himself in bizarre situations. There are many secrets to this inn, and he nearly revealed his own in front of Hime. Luckily, this inn has a bit of a legend to it. A legend that Kakushi has mistakenly become a part of. Regardless, his time with Hime was memorable. There’s never truly a dull moment when his sunshine is around.

What’s in store from the future this week? Well, as it turns out Kakushi quit being a mangaka. Hime may not know why, but her father’s co-workers lived through it. At some point, the details of Kakushi’s tragic past was leaked into the public eye. Once that happened, he lost his motivation to make people laugh with his work. Still, even through that difficult time in his life, he made sure to always reassure Hime. She grew up more blessed than she’ll ever realize. Anyhow, ready for the trip? Enjoy the haunted inn!





Is everything finally starting to come together? Stay tuned for two more here at, Anime Solution!

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