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Gleipnir T.V. Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko

Is it too late to turn around?

Well on their way to the crash site, Sayaka’s group eventually found themselves before marked territory. Not wishing to pick any unnecessary fights, they attempted to simply go around. Unfortunately, they played right into their foes hand. They’re being watched, though it wasn’t long before they caught on. Using their distance as an advantage, they ran for their lives. Now, the group behind them worked with superior numbers. Catching up to their prey was within reason, yet one of their members couldn’t contain himself. Beating out his peers in speed, Morita stood before Sayaka’s group in an instant. After sweeping Claire and Shuichi aside, he took Sayaka hostage. Fortunately, there’s more than one capable fighter within this group. He may be known as the pretty boy of the team, but Yota isn’t one to mess around when it comes to his comrades. Morita was left behind with his jaw knocked off, yet it wasn’t long before his teammates showed up. Upon seeing the state Morita was in, his leader swore revenge upon those that hurt him. Although he charged forward with that mentality, his attention quickly shifted once he saw Claire and Shuichi become one. Caring not for the others, he’s confronted the duo with a single question; “What are they”?

The action may be at a stand still for now, but there’s a growing concern among one of the members of Sayaka’s group. Yoshioka knows someone out there has already collected 100 coins, though she hasn’t said a word to the others yet. While she attempted to during this episode, there’s no time to talk when you’re constantly on the run. Anyhow, they’re nearly there. Enjoy the dangerous trek to the crash site!





The fighting has just gotten started. Join us for more action next Sunday!

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