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Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T T.V. Media Review Episode 15

by Yumiko

New body, same Dolly!

With no fight left within her, Mitori was prepared to accept her fate. As she awaited the inevitable, she began to recall how this whole tragedy began. Back when she was nothing more than a simple lab rat attempting to move up in the world, Dolly suddenly entered into her life. Known simply as Mii during this period, her role was to help provide stress relief for Dolly. While at first she saw this as nothing more than a side job to appease the surrounding scientists, she quickly grew close to Dolly. However, their fun together came to an abrupt end one day. At the time, Dolly believed Mitori ran away because of the condition of her body, yet it was much deeper than that. What Mitori saw was not natural in the least. After uncovering the experiments Dolly was participating in, she could not sit idle knowing what was happening to her friend. Unfortunately, there was nothing she could do. Those in control of Academy City knew and approved of these experiments. Confronting those in charge only led to her own imprisonment. Locked away for an uncertain period of time, Mitori grew to hate the Board of Directors. When she eventually regained her freedom, her life only continued to spiral further out of control. Dead set on seeking revenge for Dolly, she eventually found herself upon Gensei’s doorstep. Still, maybe revenge wasn’t the best course in the end. There may still be a light at the end of this tunnel.

Back in the present, Misaki stood over Mitori with good news. After probing Gensei’s mind for the anti-virus, she found out Dolly had a sister. As she was the prototype for the Misaka clones and the Misaka Network, all her experiences and memories were shared with this sister. It may not be exactly Dolly, but Mitori shall join Misaki. Upon reuniting with Dolly, it was if things picked up right as they left off. However, this time it will be the three of them. No longer having to hide herself, Misaki may now stand proudly beside Dolly. Together they plan to show Dolly the world, or simply where ever she wishes to go.

Though this was an extremely touching episode, Railgun will be on break till July. When Railgun does return on air, I’m unsure currently if it will have a spot here. I’ve given this treatment to every show that doesn’t finish within its original time frame, and I’m unable to make an exception here. Nonetheless, I’ll finish this show off in some form later down the road. In the meantime, I’ve heard the seas are roaring once again. Stay tuned for an expected return next Wednesday. Anyhow, they’re off to the beach. Enjoy making memories with Dolly!





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