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Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. Blu-ray Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

New friends?

Shortly after engaging Kasumi in combat, the surrounding sands began to give away. Trapped within a hidden dungeon, Kasumi, Maple, and Sally opened their eyes to a cursed chain. Their fates were now tied to one another. Until they escaped, a truce was struck. Now, the dungeon they fell into was unlike any they had adventured into previously. Though there were no kill-able monsters, it was just as deadly. Only by working as a team were they able to safely cross this dungeon. In the end, they worked so well together that Kasumi apologized for her previous hostilities. After splitting up the loot evenly, they’ve all formally become friends. With the event half-way over with, Maple and Sally had little time to lose once they were back on the surface. Their goal of 20 coins won’t be an easy one, but they’ve been given an unexpected hand. They’ve made a friend out of the low level yet brilliant player, Kanade. Through his love of knowledge and riddles, he’s pointed them towards another boss. Still, even with another dungeon victory under their belt, they were two coins short. With little time remaining, Sally knew what had to be done. While Maple hid away with their loot, Sally took to the fields. It took a minor massacre, but she managed to secure their goal just in time.

As one can imagine, Maple used her reward to become even more overpowered. She’s gone from a walking fortress to a flying fortress. On top of that, there are scary reports that she’s spamming acid rain down from the skies. Just how will anyone ever be able to stop her? Well, at least one dev is keeping a close eye on her. Although most have turned their heads away, Maple continues to gain far too much attention. Anyhow, the second event is finally over. Enjoy making friends!





They couldn’t remain just a duo forever. We’re making more friends next time!

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Yumiko (@guest_2346)
4 years ago

She’s without a doubt the cutest flying fortress out there.

Jesus Albert
Jesus Albert (@guest_2345)
4 years ago

Maple is so adorable!