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Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Blu-ray Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

Will they be able to handle the truth?

Following the interruption of Sayaka’s fight with Kyouko, Madoka was given another stern warning from Homura. Once more, she’s been reminded that she has no place within the realm of magical girls. If she can not remember that, then Homura has no problem unleashing herself upon a fool. With a new day upon them, Kyouko had an unexpected visitor. The irregular magical girl has arrived to strike a deal with her. In order to handle further engagements peacefully, Homura will allow her to take full control of Mitakihara City. In exchange, she’s to keep her hands off Sayaka. However, control of this city comes with a catch. In two weeks time, a witch of unimaginable power shall appear. Upon informing Kyouko about walpurgis night, an uneasy alliance was formed. If all goes well, Homura shall leave this city after their decisive battle. Meanwhile, Sayaka resumed her hunt for the familiar along with Madoka. Fearing for her friend’s future safety, Madoka made a desperate plea to Sayaka. Unfortunately, the more she pushed, the more Sayaka grew frustrated. She’s come to realize that witches aren’t her only enemy. Talking with the other magical girls will never be a possibility, and that goes especially for Homura. Sayaka truly believes Homura to be the reason for Mami’s downfall.

With the familiar’s trail cold, Sayaka turned her attention back onto Kyosuke. While tracking down his whereabouts, Kyouko was watching from afar. After figuring out what Sayaka used her wish for, Kyouko couldn’t hold herself back. Already on the edge, Kyouko’s words provoked Sayaka into another battle. Before their fight could begin, Madoka was alerted by Kyuubey. As soon as she arrived, she tossed Sayaka’s Soul Gem off a bridge. Believing this to be her only move to stopping their battle, Sayaka instantly fell cold. Without a moment of hesitation, Homura jumped into action. Despite the situation before them, she chased after Sayaka’s Soul Gem. During her chase down the highway, Kyouko confronted Kyuubey about Sayaka’s condition. In order to better control magic and fight against witches, Kyuubey rips out their soul and forms a Soul Gem. Their bodies are just mere lifeless husks without the Soul Gem near. Though Kyouko and Madoka could only stand there in horror, Homura soon returned with Sayaka’s Soul Gem. She’s been saved, but she’s yet to realize what has taken place.

A small light has been shown upon the path of no return. If there was any doubt upon Homura’s words, then now you know. There truly is no salvation for those that walk this path. However, we’ve yet to get the full details. Those that form a contract with Kyuubey rarely read the fine print. Ripping their souls out of their bodies was only just the beginning. Anyhow, will she still live on without a single regret? Enjoy a last minute save by the irregular magical girl!



End Card:




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