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Kakushigoto T.V. Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

There are no shortcuts in life.

Not every single day is about keeping Hime away from the truth. There are other problems her father must tackle and learn from. Though he knew the day would come, it seems Hime has started keeping secrets of her own. Fortunately, Hime’s secret wasn’t as bad as he imagined. Conflicted on how to handle a birthday invitation from her new friend, she opted to decline. If she went along, then she would later have to invite her friends to her own birthday party, and that would put a burden upon her father. However, Kakushi won’t let such thinking fly. He’s encouraged Hime to participate in her friend’s birthday, and he’ll be ready for when she hits 11. Still, Hime wishes to continue their tradition of a party just for two. Although it’s no longer just the two of them, Kakushi will give his daughter two birthdays each year. That’s the very least he can do for her, after all.

This week’s future update focuses upon sacrifice. Being a single parent and maintaining a steady job is no easy feat. On top of this, Kakushi was still dealing with losing his wife. In order to hold himself together and raise Hime, they relocated to Nakamegruo. However, he made sure they had the same loving home. It may not of had the perfect ocean view, but it was the same design that both her parents brought her home to. Anyhow, is turning in incomplete work ever acceptable? Enjoy another page in a mangaka’s life.





Ready for the new year? We’re taking another step towards the future next Thursday.

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