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Akatsuki no Yona Blu-ray Media Review Episode 16

by Yumiko

Let the games begin!

A week flew by in the blink of an eye, though Geun-Tae hardly paid attention to the surrounding events. Nonetheless, he’ll be participating in Su-won’s war game. Dividing into two teams, Geun-Tae and Su-won led their respective forces. On the surface, it appeared as if Su-won wasn’t taking this battle seriously. While this initially irritated Geun-Tae, he began to pick up on what was truly going on. Su-won is more like his father than it appears. When the dust had settled, Geun-Tae was the last man standing from his team. Still, Su-won didn’t come here to embarrass one of his generals. In the end, the crowd cheered for Geun-Tae’s victory. The following day, Geun-Tae awoke to several surprises. Thanks to Su-won working his magic, Chi’Shin is about to experience a prospers period. All that sightseeing wasn’t just for show, after all. In turn, Su-won has secured a tribe that will back him up if the worst is to ever come to pass. While peace may still be on the table, there’s no telling when war will come about.

This episode was a rare gem. While Su-won is without a doubt the antagonist of this story, he’s shown another side of himself. Just maybe he’s a king worthy of his title. At least Geun-Tae now believes so. He may not of gotten the war he wanted, but his subjects haven’t experienced such joy in some time. Best of all, Su-won played it off as if nothing happened. He was just simply there for fun. Moreover, this is the first episode to not feature Yona and friends. I know they’re the mainstay of the show, though rest assured they’ll be back in the spotlight soon. Su-won has other matters to attend to, after all. Anyhow, ready for some action? Enjoy advancing in the other direction!





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How do you feel about pirates? Focus shall be back on Yona next time.

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