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Gleipnir T.V. Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

It’s just a flesh wound.

Upon realizing what she had done and who was inside Shuichi, Elena put a stop to their fight. Still, Claire won’t waste this moment. She’s confronted her sister about their parents death, and she’s learned the grim truth. Elena is in fact the one behind their murder, though she did it for Claire’s sake. They were not only bad parents, but also terrible people. From Elena’s perspective, she had simply taken out the trash. Unfortunately, Elena doesn’t have much time to chat. Before leaving the scene, she left Claire with another coin and instructions on where to go. An abandoned love hotel is where a number of answers await Claire and Shuichi.

He’s not just a monster for show. Even with his head removed, Shuichi still clung to life. Although he’ll die if something isn’t done. After arriving at the abandoned love hotel, a young man greeted them. Excited to see they had brought one of his coins, he knew instantly what they wanted. Fixing Shuichi was well within his capabilities. While Shuichi healed up, the young man explained how he’s able to perform such “miracles”. As it turns out, he’s not from this world. Simply put, he’s an alien. However, words alone aren’t always convincing. He’s shown Claire his ability to morph into another form. Once Shuichi was back up on his feet, the alien gave a simple breakdown of past events. He and his people were traveling through space when their ship suddenly crash-landed on Earth. During their travel, they took on the form of coins. Unfortunately, his comrades were sent flying all over the place when they crashed. In order to help find his people, he’s set up a bit of a game. A single coin may make dreams come true, but there’s an even greater prize once 100 are turned in. An unfathomable power awaits those that complete this task. Joining this coin hunt is completely optional, yet Claire and Shuichi can’t ignore what they’ve just learned.

Our hero and heroine each have their own motivation moving forward. In Claire’s case, she’s been given a new reason to live. Prior to meeting Shuichi, she was ready to end it all. However, she’s been suddenly wrapped into a whole new crazy world. With Shuichi at her side, Claire is ready to take on everything ahead of them. Shuichi on the other hand looks at the future a tad differently. Upon learning what the alien was offering, he feared what might come of this. If the wrong individual gained that power, there’s no telling what fate awaits Earth. Nonetheless, joining the coin hunt won’t be paradise. They’ve knowingly stepped into a game that they may not return from. Anyhow, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. Enjoy seeing double the amount of Claire!





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To the winner goes the spoils! Our coin hunt officially begins next Sunday.

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