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Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Blu-ray Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko

Decisions, decisions…

Unlike her own wish, Mami desired for Madoka and Sayaka to think this through clearly. There’s no going back once a contract is formed with Kyuubey. In Sayaka’s case, she’s already begun to form a wish. The wish in question won’t be for her own sake, though. Classmate and friend, Kyosuke Kamijo, recently experienced an accident that left him unable to play his beloved violin again. During this tough period, Sayaka was by his side every step of the way. Still, she can not stand the sight of one she loves to be in such pain. Although Sayaka still has time to think over her wish, Mami warned her about the eventual outcome. There’s no telling how things between her and the recipient will change afterwords. On the other hand, Madoka still can’t think of a single thing to use her wish on. If she does choose to become a magical girl, she’ll be like no other. Kyuubey foresees unlimited potential within her, and he’s not the only one. As the day began to fade away, Mami met with Homura. This time a warning has been ushered towards the transfer student. Mami will no longer tolerate any interference with Madoka’s decision. Nonetheless, Homura has vowed to not let a contract between Kyuubey and Madoka come to pass. An understanding between these two can no longer be met.

The following day, Madoka and Sayaka went to visit Kyosuke at the hospital. While they were unable to see him, they noticed a Grief Seed about to hatch. A new witch was moments away from being born, and at the worse possible location. At the same time, they were unable to contact Mami. Deciding to split up, Kyuubey and Sayaka stayed on location to observe the witch’s progress. Fortunately, Madoka was able to find Mami before the worst could happen. Shortly after entering the labyrinth, Homura appeared behind Madoka and Mami. Homura expressed her desire to take on this witch alone. This particular witch isn’t one to be taken lightly apparently, though Mami didn’t buy her story. Before Homura could make a move, she was left behind in binds. As Madoka and Mami continued to move towards the witch’s location, Madoka made up her mind. She planned on using her wish to fight alongside Mami. This news brought tears to Mami’s eyes. The very thought of no longer having to fight alone filled her with overconfidence. Sadly, this would be her downfall. In front of Madoka and Sayaka, Mami got careless in her fight against the witch. Such recklessness came with the price of her own life, yet Madoka and Sayaka shall live to see another day. Homura was able to clean up the witch in no time, and left her classmates with a warning. This is the ultimate fate of those who choose to become a magical girl.

Is the reward worth the risk? Mami’s death shall forever be burned into their memories. Although they may only be able to cry right now, the offer to become a magical girl still stands. Regardless, this is only just the start for Madoka and Sayaka. The potential Kyuubey saw in Madoka can not be ignored. Anyhow, we’ve hit the point of no return. Enjoy the first step into despair!


This isn’t a jab at this show, but here’s the rare no stockings Homura! You can find mistakes like this in nearly every anime, though.




End Card:




Click here for the 3rd webm collection.


They’ll never forget this moment. Our dash into despair continues next Saturday.

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