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Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T T.V. Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

The chase is on!

Gaining access to Exterior was only Gensei’s first step against Misaki. In order to gain greater control over Misaka, he’ll need to obtain the limiter unlock code. There’s only one possible individual with that code, and she’s already figured out that’s what Gensei is after. Using her home field advantage, Misaki baited Gensei into one of her many traps. Unfortunately, Gensei isn’t playing fair. Between his abnormal body and the usage of Multi-skill, Misaki is beaten back at every turn. With no where left to run, Gensei stood triumphant. He’s seemingly obtained Exterior’s limiter unlock code. Meanwhile, Kuroko began to narrow down on Mitori’s location. Mitori doesn’t plan to go down without a fight, though. Her doppelgänger has already drawn blood.

We’ve got three battles going on simultaneously, and not a single one has been decided yet. While last week heavily featured Misaka, she took a backseat this time around. Still, she’s growing stronger by the second. If she isn’t dealt with soon, then there may be no coming back from this one. Additionally, we learned just how high the stakes are on this fight. Not only is Misaka’s life in jeopardy, the entirety of Academy City is on the line. Moreover, Railgun will be going on break once again. There is currently no restart date, so prepare to see something different next week. In any case, Railgun will resume here once it’s back on air. Anyhow, the climax is right around the corner. Enjoy obtaining the final piece of the plan!





Click here for the 12th webm collection.


And we were almost to the best part. We’ll be back with more Railgun one day.

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