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Gleipnir T.V. Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko

At first, she’s sweet…

With a moment to breathe before them, Claire desired to test her limits with Shuichi. Not only can they feel each others emotions, Shuichi’s enhanced senses are at Claire’s disposal. Upon learning this fact, Claire put her sister’s uniform in front of Shuichi. Using his excellent sense of smell may lead them to Elena, though this comes with a great risk. From what little Shuichi knows of Elena, she’s a girl with blood on her hands. Even though Claire can’t say for certain that her sister killed their parents, one whiff of her uniform told Shuichi enough. She’s a demon that only leaves terror in her wake. Nonetheless, finding Elena shall benefit them both. Claire can finally confront her sister about the truth, and Shuichi may learn how he became a monster. As such, a stakeout was in order. Over the course of three days, they patiently waited for a sign of Elena. Just as they were about to call it, she appeared. However, their confrontation with Elena doesn’t go quite as planned. At the very last second, Shuichi stopped Claire from shooting her sister. While their cover was blown, Elena was delighted to see Shuichi. Although they didn’t understand Elena’s strange behavior, they followed her in dead silence. She was more than willing to give up her life, yet the reasoning behind it compelled Claire to speak up. As Shuichi learned the truth behind why he became a monster, Elena lost her self. The mere thought of another woman being inside Shuichi was unthinkable. That empty space inside him was for her alone. Unfortunately, losing control here wasn’t for the best. Shuichi’s head has left his shoulders.

It’s another cliffhanger for us, but there’s been another reveal elsewhere. The young man granting wishes in exchange for coins requires human help. It seems he’s not human himself, and the coins aren’t simply what they appear to be. Unfortunately, these coins can’t be found using technology. Only by using others will all his lost “coins” be found. Moreover, we’re three episodes in and I have to say Pine Jam has far exceeded my expectations. We’re no stranger to the source material being butchered here. While there may have been minor cuts here and there, Pine Jam has thus far knocked it out of the park. Especially with the content they’re working with, this is a rare treat to see it given the quality it deserves. Here’s hoping things continue to hold up well. Anyhow, Elena is in for quite the surprise. Enjoy snapping back to reality!





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That can be fixed, right? Keep your head on your shoulders till next Sunday.

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