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Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Blu-ray Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

She’s always watching.

Following the departure of Homura and the witch, a formal introduction was due. Upon being taken to Mami’s apartment, Madoka and Sayaka learned about everything they had seen. It all begins with a contract from Kyuubey. If deemed worthy, Kyuubey is willing to grant a single wish. Any possible wish is within Kyuubey’s power. In exchange for this wish, the individual in question shall also become a magical girl. Such powers come with a great responsibility, though. All magical girls are required to hunt down their polar opposite, witches. If magical girls are said to bring hope, then witches are those that spread despair. Additionally, once a contract with Kyuubey is completed, a Soul Gem is created. According to Mami, Soul Gems are where a magical girl’s powers are stored. The Soul Gem also helps a magical girl track down witches, and there’s a reward for them in the end if they defeat said witch. Now, this was a lot for Madoka and Sayaka to take in at once. While the offer of any wish was enticing, the part about putting their lives on the line made them hesitate. Is the risk really worth the reward?

In order to help them decide, Mami took them on a ride-along the following day. Learning firsthand what a witch is capable of opened their eyes. Many unexplained deaths can be attributed to a witch. Once an individual receives a Witch’s Kiss, they are mere play things to the witch. These curses also tend to lead humans into a labyrinth. This is a space where witches hide themselves and where a magical girl must adventure to defeat them. Nonetheless, the witch they saw yesterday shall now be their prey. Against a veteran magical girl, this witch was soundly defeated. In the aftermath of Mami’s battle, a Grief Seed was all that remained of the witch. This was the reward Mami spoke of earlier. Every time a magical girl uses their power, their Soul Gem becomes murky. The only way to cleanse this darkness and restore their powers to full is by using a Grief Seed.

Has there ever been a wish without consequences? According to Kyuubey, most girls immediately jump at the opportunity. A single wish can do wonders to an individual’s life. However, Madoka and Sayaka have very little they can ask for. They both live very happy lives. Still, their wishes can be used for others. Sayaka just may have someone already in mind. Moreover, the topic of Homura came up during Mami’s explanation. Just like Mami, Homura is a magical girl. Unfortunately, magical girls are known to come to blows. There’s a lot of competition when it comes to hunting down witches. Mami believes Homura’s strange behavior may be due to this. While on the outside it appeared she was attempting to prevent the creation of more magical girls, Homura has been keeping a close eye on Madoka. Not only did she reconfirm that her warning still resonated with Madoka, she watched their entire ride-along. Anyhow, just what is she after? Enjoy lurking from the shadows!



End Card:




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Things will never be the same. Prepare for a game changer next Saturday.

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