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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 128

by Yumiko

Welcome to the Heart Kingdom!

While Gordon stays home to research curse magic, and with Gauche and Grey requesting sick leave, a new team must be created for the next leg of the investigation. Finral and Noelle shall be joining Asta, though there’s a major issue with proceeding forward. Gaining legal entrance into the Heart Kingdom isn’t so easily done. Even Yami can’t pull strings here. Fortunately, Noelle knows of an individual that once studied within the Heart Kingdom. After paying Mimosa a visit, she was more than happy to help out Asta. Using her prior connections, they’re able to sail in without a problem. Now, the Heart Kingdom is unlike anything they’ve seen before. This lush green kingdom is completely protected by their queen and the Greater Water Spirit, Undine. Upon sailing further into the Heart Kingdom, they are greeted by Gaja, one of the kingdom’s Spirit Guardians. Initial greetings aside, Gaja seemed to be there for a fight. Once Asta was plucked away by Undine, he put Finral, Mimosa, and Noelle to the test. Against his lightning magic, they’re only able to hold their own due to teamwork. Meanwhile, Asta is dragged before Undine. Knowing full well that a devil resides at his back, Undine begins to toy with him. Still, Asta has more than a devil with him at all times. With a little help from Secré, Asta is able to charge in on the sole individual pulling all the strings.

Before heading out to the Heart Kingdom, we’ve been given an update on the relationship between Finral and Langris. In light of recent events, Finral announced that he will no longer ignore his familial obligations. He’s sworn that one day he will take over House Vaude and marry Finnes. While this took a much-needed burden off Langris’ shoulders, he won’t hand over Finnes so easily. If Finral wants to one day marry Finnes, then he’ll have to learn to keep his eyes just on her. Easier said than done, but Finral has already come a long way. Moreover, it should be noted that the Heart Kingdom uses a different system to rank its mages. Gaja and Undine brought this up during their fights, though we’ll get into the finer details on that later on. Anyhow, ready for another cliffhanger? Enjoy a surprisingly well animated episode!





Click here for the 128th webm collection.


How long can this battle go on for? Join us for the unexpected next Tuesday.

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