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Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T T.V. Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

Not all questions can be answered.

After learning about Misaki’s hideout, Misaka departs to confront her directly. Fortunately, Misaka won’t have to look far to find her. Misaki was anticipating her arrival. While it’s one thing for Misaka to know about her hideout’s location, it’s another for their common enemy to find out. If Misaka wants answers, then she’ll have to get them on the move. During their ride, Misaki willingly answered most of Misaka’s questions. Although she can not reveal her interests in the Sisters, she hasn’t done any harm to Misaka 10032. In fact, she’s even helped them out. If any other Sister is caught up this mess, their enemy won’t be able to get their hands on the Misaka Network. As for manipulating Misaka’s friends, it was done for two reasons. She couldn’t afford for her hideout to be leaked, and getting them caught up in the up-coming battle would have been disastrous. Now, this ride couldn’t last forever. The one who they’re about to confront is a familiar name. Misaka may have never met him in person, but Gensei Kihara is the one who they must take down. The man formerly in charge of the Level 6 Shift Project hasn’t given up on his work yet. Unfortunately, working together was never an option for these two. A chance opportunity to catch Gensei was presented by Misaki, though they’ll be going into this fight separately.

Misaki is not such a bad girl after all. A little bit more cooperation on her end could of went a long way, but working with Misaka isn’t easy. As one of the few individuals that can block Mental Out, it’s complicated for Misaki to trust her. Moreover, those left behind at Judgment 177 aren’t sitting idle during all this. While the status of their true memories remains up in the air, they have their own work to do. An investigation into the student who kidnapped Kazari and Misuzu has begun. Meanwhile, Mitori has been keeping in contact with Gensei. According to him, everything is playing out perfectly. In fact, things are going a little too smoothly. Anyhow, the momentum only picks up from here. Enjoy playing 21 questions!





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