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Violet Evergarden Blu-ray Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

It’s getting a tad dark, isn’t it?

Way back when this episode originally aired, it was quite difficult to see a number of frames. A night fight on top of a train will do, though we’re in luck this time. The blu-ray quality has thankfully made things a lot more clear. Aside from the darkness, one can visibly see how far Violet has come throughout this episode. Refusing to spill a drop of blood, she nearly loses her own life. Despite all that, Violet never forgot her last order from Gilbert. Although she deeply regrets not being able to save him, she fully intends to live on. Anyhow, this train ride isn’t over yet. Enjoy deflecting the final shot!





Click here for the 12th webm collection.


We’re almost there! One more before we put perfection to bed.

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