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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 125

by Yumiko

Who let the magical beasts out?

Along with all its occupants, the Raging Black Bull has finally returned home. However, there’s a few issues with reestablishing the hideout. Henry can’t remember the layout at all. As Henry begins to design a new home based on everyone’s requests, Yami brings up another issue. His pets are nowhere to be found, and he believes they may have reverted to their feral states. While he takes care of some personal business, he assigns his members to bring them back unharmed. Unfortunately, getting magical beasts to play along isn’t so easily done. They may not be vicious towards the Black Bulls, but they’ll leave them immobile. Regardless of their efforts, Yami’s pets came back home in time. They haven’t forgotten the one who took them in after their parents untimely demise. After a long day of pet chasing, Henry revealed his latest masterpiece. Still, accounting for everyone’s request is easier said than done. Maybe taking things back to normal is for the best.

Had enough original content?. Moving forward, we’ll back back to covering canon content. The next few episodes are guaranteed to keep that up, too. However, don’t be surprised if we go back into original territory. As I’ve stated previously, this anime is very close to the source material. Anyhow, it’s back to the same old. Enjoy setting back up the base!


Intro: No more Wizard King saving the day.


Episode 125:




Click here for the 125th webm collection.


That’s enough original content for one week. We’re back to the canon content next time.

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