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Somali to Mori no Kamisama T.V. Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

Is humanity ready?

While a visit with the head librarian is possible, she’s currently lying upon her deathbed. Isolde Nebsolv is no ordinary witch, though. As the head librarian, her life was prolonged to the maximum. Even so, Somali refuses to give up here. Praline was willing to give Golem a map to find Isolde, but that’s the most she could do. They’re on their own as they descend to bottom of the library. Unfortunately, they didn’t make it far before tripping off an alarm. Before being surrounded by those who guard the library, Golem and Somali stood before Isolde’s room, and a voice has welcomed them in. In fact, it would seem Isolde had been waiting for this final visit. As the author of The Chronicle of Haraiso, she felt ultimately responsible for the fate of humanity. The story she had written was one her ancestors forbade from being told. Nonetheless, she’ll tell it one last time for Somali. The story of Feodora Nebsolv first encounter with humans was one of horror and wonder.

Caught in a sudden storm, a young Feodora crash landed on an unknown island. It was here she was saved by Haraiso and Miya. Upon regaining consciousness, she awoke to a room filled with a species she had never seen before. While they introduced themselves as humans, Haraiso interrupted before things spiraled out of control. As a “god” to these people, he was familiar with what would of taken place next. Once given the chance, everything was explained to Feodora. In truth, Haraiso was simply a golem that allowed these humans to flourish upon his land. As their guardian, he came to learn many truths about them. They may be weak, but they have a deep fear of the unknown. If Feodora wished for her stay to be a pleasant one, then she would need to blend in. During her recovery, she got to experience the positive side of humanity. She even became close friends with Miya throughout that time. Unfortunately, her illusion of humanity was shattered on one fateful day. After a so called “monster” was beaten to death as it begged for life, Feodora could only watch in horror. Even the close friend she made joined in as if it were normal. Fearing for her own life, Feodora ran away. It wasn’t long before the villagers noticed she was missing. A search for her was quickly put together, though Miya was first to find her. As Miya took her hand, a strong gust of wind tossed Miya over the edge of the island. As everyone gathered to the commotion, Feodora was forced to reveal herself. Branded immediately as one of the “Grotesque”, she was banished from the island. However, before leaving Miya did not view Feodora as a monster. They were truly friends in the end.

For more than a thousand years, this tale went unwritten. Isolde’s ancestors believed humanity needed more time before joining the rest of the world. Sadly, it seems no amount of time changed the true nature of humanity. Still, Isolde at least got to see one human who went against the norm. Somali does not fear the world she lives in. Moreover, Golem was given a solid lead into finding humans. Right before Isolde drew her last breath, she told Golem where humans might be found. Their next journey shall take them to the ends of the world. Anyhow, ready to view a tale from the past? Enjoy story time!





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We’ve got to keep on moving. Our journey to the ends of the world begins next Friday.

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