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Dog Days Blu-ray Media Review Episode 13

by Yumiko

This isn’t good-bye.

There’s no longer any time left. The time for Cinque to return home has arrived. Before being escorted by Éclair, Cinque leaves mementos behind for all those he’s met along the way. Even though he’s leaving his precious belongings, he promises them this won’t be the end. After one last ride with Éclair, Millhiore awaited him at the place they first met. They very place where she convinced him to be her hero, shall also be his last stage. However, Millhiore truly doesn’t want to let Cinque go. As the return ritual begins, she clings onto him. A sudden confession of love was put forward, and the feeling was mutual. Unfortunately, once the ritual began, there was no stopping it. While those within Flonyard would never forget Cinque, he no longer had any recollection of them. In the days that followed, Rico never gave up on finding a happy ending, and her efforts have been rewarded. Not only can they restore Cinque’s memories, they can also summon him back. Still, three conditions must be met. Two of them were already completed due to Cinque’s prior actions. As for the last one, it’s only a matter of time. He’ll be back for summer break, and that’s a promise.

In order to make my thoughts clear, we’re now going to be using a new system for exit posts. All the prior final posts are similar to what I’ll be doing moving forward, though a bit more organized and fair…

Story: 8/10

I believe Dog Days to be a solid example of how to do a fun show with a splash of seriousness. A handful of prior shows I’ve reviewed struggled with this, though Dog Days fully embraced what it is. Between the action, cuteness, and service, it’s not easy having a serious plot. However, even in the mix of all that, they somehow managed to pull it off. Best of all, it didn’t feel forced or took away from its main selling points. Furthermore, the last minute confession truly sold me. If this were the end of Dog Days, then that would have been a perfect conclusion. Not only has the princess and hero confirmed their feelings, they will one day reunite.

Art/Animation: 7/10

Let me be clear here… At no point was Dog Days pushing any boundaries when it came to animation. From the get go, Seven Arcs clearly knew what they were capable of. They were never planning on jumping through flaming hoops with this one. Even with that said, this was a solid production. There’s no noticeable dip in quality from start to finish, and the character art was mostly solid throughout. Action sequences were a bit hit or miss, though they were mainly in the name of fun. As for the fan service, they never disappointed there. Most episodes certainly delivered in that department.

Enjoyment: 8/10

Between the vast number of titles under my belt, and being the target audience for this type of show, it’s not easy placing Dog Days. An 8 on the enjoyment scale is fair enough, though. As this show is meant to be heavily on the fun side, it performed wonderfully. I wouldn’t mind giving this one a re-watch one day.

It’s finally time to close out our longest on-going request. Overall, I’d place Dog Days at a 7.5. Your millage may vary with this one, but it’s a safe ride throughout. As for coverage of season 2, we’ll see. There’s no immediate plans, though the future is never certain. Anyhow, summer is right around the corner. Enjoy the trip home!





Click here for the 13th webm collection.


Our dog days have only just gotten started. Look forward to many more here at, Anime Solution!

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