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Somali to Mori no Kamisama T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

Let’s tidy up this mess!

Their journey across the desert has come to a close. Before parting ways, Haitora told Golem of a place where vast amounts of worldly knowledge is collected. Heading west out of the desert, Golem and Somali eventually find their way to a village ruled by the witch clan. A dazzling sight was before their eyes, but they didn’t come here for sightseeing. After finding their way to Witches’ Crest Library, they’re introduced to Hazel. While she’s able to help fulfill their request for knowledge on humans, there’s one problem. The only book they have on humans has suddenly gone missing, though Hazel knows where it has gone. Upon tracking down her older sister, Praline, the book in question was found. Unfortunately, Praline isn’t known for her cleanliness. She’s allowed a swarm of pescafish to infest her room. These ink eating pests are normally easily dealt with, but that wasn’t the case this time. An abnormally large pescafish has somehow spawned before them. Not willing to let the only bit of human knowledge be devoured, Somali attempted to flee alone. Sadly, her desperate attempt failed, then the pescafish turned on her. It was at this point Golem could no longer hold himself back. The frightful powers of a golem were displayed before Somali’s eyes, yet it came with a cost. Golem’s left arm will never be the same again.

All hope isn’t lost. The book in question is certainly unreadable after recent events, though Hazel knows of another way to help Golem and Somali. Prior to their arrival, one other individual checked out The Chronicle of Haraiso. They’ll soon be meeting with the head librarian, Isolde Nebsolv. Moreover, it should be noted that Golem now has less than a year to live. He’s only got 300 more days, and he’s breaking down more and more. This most recent battle didn’t help that matter, yet this journey isn’t close to being over. Keeping Somali in the dark will soon no longer be a possibility. Anyhow, ready to see Golem in action? Enjoy cleaning up the library!





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