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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 121

by Yumiko

So, what’s the problem?

In the immediate aftermath of the longest night in recent Clover history, Julius summoned Asta, Mimosa, Noelle, and Secre to his side. Their moment of rest shall be short lived. After recent events, they must be prepared to face three problems…

1. The 28th Magic Emperor is Dead

Before diving into this problem, Julius’ revival should be clearly understood. During one of his adventures, he found a magical item that Lemiel and Secre left behind. Usage of this item allowed him to store a portion of his magic away. In the event of his death, that magic was to be his final trump card. Unfortunately, the magic he stored away over the years wasn’t enough to make him whole again. In Julius’ current state, he’s lost immense magic and influence. He’ll no longer be able to control the nobles and royals from oppressing those below them. And worst of all, the kingdom has lost their strongest standing mage.

2. The Clover Kingdom is Vulnerable

It’s undeniable that the kingdom is in a weakened state. From the Forsaken Realm all the way to the capital, one can easily find death and destruction. While they can repair what has been broken, those around them won’t wait. Recent events were seen by the other three kingdoms, and there’s no telling if they’ll take advantage of the situation. On top of this, the Magic Knights themselves are currently crippled. While all efforts are being pushed into rebuilding, the trust these knights once held was shattered in a single night. From the perspective of many, it appeared their own knights turned on them.

3. Asta Will Die?

The existence of devils can no longer be kept to just bed time stories. Between the devil they fought, Asta’s power, and Secre’s horns, there’s no hiding the truth from the public. Additionally, those in power are going to be searching for someone to blame. They can’t bring a devil to court, so they’ll bring the next best thing. Before Magic Parliament, Julius strongly believes Asta and Secre will be executed. Even though they saved the kingdom, no one will miss a peasant and a girl without a record. To make matters even worse, Magic Parliament is controlled by House Kira. Unlike the king, Damnatio Kira doesn’t play around. Those that face his scale of justice are forced to kneel.

Even with the three problems laid out before them, Asta believes his words can clear up the situation. A few days later, Asta and Secre are summoned to the Magic Parliament Courthouse. Arrested on the spot, Damnatio accuses them of using forbidden magic. Painted as devils and the cause for everything that happened recently, Asta is left without a defense. Anything he said or could do only played further into Damnatio’s palm. Now, Damnatio came prepared if Asta was unwilling to take the fall. He made it clear to him, it’s either his life or the individuals that were possessed by the elves. Going for the easiest target first, Damnatio orders the execution of Marie before the court. Unable to hold himself back any further, Asta gave Damnatio all the evidence he needed. In turn, Asta has rejected the justice of this court. If it means going against them to save Marie, it’s a price he’ll pay.

There’s still one last thing to go over. I know this is a lot to take in, but it’s all vital setup for the next big arc. During Julius’ explanation of the three problems, he brought up curses. Those that dabble in forbidden magic are easily singled out. In Asta and Secre’s case, their horns give them away. However, there’s a bit more to these other-worldly curses. Devils that cross over can curse humans. I’m sure there’s a few individuals we know that ring a bell. Looking into the cursed ones may be our path moving forward. Anyhow, we’re just getting started. Enjoy a magical court battle!





Click here for the 121st webm collection.


How will Asta get out of this predicament? We’ll be back with more next Tuesday!

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