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Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T T.V. Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

Leave everything to Kongou Mitsuko!

Misaki may have removed Misaka’s closest friends from helping her, but she still has other allies. Upon finding out Kongou knew it wasn’t her participating in balloon hunter, Misaka explained the current situation to her. Infuriated with what Misaki had done, Kongou promises to return with Misaka’s “little sister”. Although they won’t be able to communicate with one another due to the risk of Misaki’s Mental Out, this is all Misaka can do at the moment to find Misaka 10032. Meanwhile, Baba was tasked with another mission. This time his target was one of Misaka’s clones. While Kongou began to pick up on Misaka 10032’s trail, spoke with fellow classmates that interacted with her, and even picked up her cat along the way, Baba had his mechanical scouts looking for any trace of a Sister. No Sister could be found, though eavesdropping on Kongou proved worthwhile. After luring her away, Baba demanded she exchange all her information on the clones. Refusing to cooperate led into a battle Kongou wasn’t expecting. Baba’s underhanded tactics got the best of her. Fortunately, all her prior moves had fellow classmates Kinuho and Maaya looking for her. Picking up Saten along the way, they’ve found Kongou, and they’re not going to let Baba get away with what he’s done.

We’re leaving off on a cliffhanger, though there’s an important distinction that should be made here. Throughout Kongou’s search for Misaka 10032, she was able to realize two different factions are at play. One being led by Misaki that already has Misaka 10032, and the other that Baba is apart of. The motive behind these two groups have yet to be revealed, though they do have one thing in common. They’re both targeting Misaka and her clones. Anyhow, Kongou may be down, but another battle awaits. Enjoy helping a friend in need!





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The action is just getting started. Join us for more next Monday.

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