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Magia Record: Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica Gaiden T.V. Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

Feeling lucky?

After a peaceful night, Iroha and Yachiyo part ways for the day. Searching all over Kamihama City for clues about Ui, Iroha eventually finds herself before a bizarre sight. Upon taking up a bottle of Lucky Owl Water, she unknowingly binds herself to a rumor. However, she wasn’t the only Magical Girl to get caught up in this scheme. As they finished their Lucky Owl Water, Felicia Mitsuki confronts Iroha about trespassing on her territory. There’s a fee to pay for any Magical Girl that wishes to hunt upon her grounds. While Iroha lacks the funds required to pay Felicia, she can offer her a treat. It was at this point the girls noticed their luck was oddly good. Winning free food was just the start of their lucky-streak. Now, during Iroha’s time with Felicia, she learned two important facts about her. Felicia is as hotblooded as they come, and she has an intense hatred for Witches. She’ll do anything to rid the world of Witches after what they did to her parents.

Meanwhile, Yachiyo learned of the latest rumor going around. Once an individual experiences 24 lucky happenings, they will be inflicted with extreme bad luck. Subsequently, she contacted Iroha to know if she had any knowledge on this particular rumor. A solid lead was found through Iroha’s action, though Yachiyo wants nothing to do with Felicia. Her poor reputation is notorious among the Kamihama City Magical Girls. Nonetheless, Iroha doesn’t wish to push Felicia away. Offering up a meal for her continued assistance, Felicia joins Iroha, Tsuruno, and Yachiyo in tracking down the source of this rumor. Although her hotheadedness initially gets in the way of their investigation, they’re able to closely follow behind the figure spreading the lucky rumor. Unfortunately, their chase came to an unexpected halt. A group of girls calling themselves Wings of the Magius won’t allow them to go any further. If they want more Lucky Owl Water, they will happily give them more, though their hunt for this rumor can not go on. Additionally, Felicia was offered an opportunity she couldn’t say no to. She’ll work with these girls if it means eradicating all Witches.

Before Yachiyo took off to meet up with Iroha, she had a confrontation with a Magical Girl not from Kamihama City. Due to more and more Witches coming to Kamihama City, Kyoko wants a piece of the apple. She’ll be allowed to hunt, though only if she follows local rules. However, it appears she’s come here to do a bit more than hunting Witches. She’s been eavesdropping on the lucky rumor investigation. Anyhow, their luck is running out. Enjoy a bottle of Lucky Owl Water!



End Card:




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We’re not done with this rumor yet. Join us for the continuation next Sunday!

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