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Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumeishitemita. T.V. Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

Gather round, lab members.

While the members of Ikeda’s lab are given countless freedoms, they are required to meet every other week. These meetings are especially important for the undergrads. If they fall behind, there’s no telling if they’ll be able to pass. Now, Ikeda-sensei may appear kind on the outside, but those that slack will know his wrath. Kosuke has come to learn this all too well. Moreover, the graduate students may also present updates on their current research topic. Finding the conditions behind love was something Ikeda never saw coming from his students, though he’s interested. As a long all participants are willing to push the data collection to the next step, then he would like to see data from multiple pairings. Only a handful of pairs can be done with their numbers, yet everyone was mostly willing to give this a shot. Unfortunately, Ayame just can’t stand anyone else being with Yukimura. Even if it’s a fellow lab member, she’s come to learn jealously firsthand. Furthermore, some pairings came with advantages. As Ena and Kosuke are childhood friends, Ena knows how to make his blood boil a little to easily.

Data collection between Kanade and Yukimura may have been a bust, but Ena has come to realize something from her pairing. Kosuke’s heartbeats skyrocketed when a kiss was offered. As such, she’s suggested that Ayame and Yukimura should preform a kiss. Can such a monumental moment be done before others, or will they find another way? Anyhow, all pairings are on the table. Enjoy a week’s worth of dango!





Click here for the 5th webm collection.


How about a kiss? We’re sealing the deal next Saturday!

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