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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 120

by Yumiko

It’s time to say good-bye.

Even with their ancient foe defeated, his other-worldly magic persisted. Unable to stop the inevitable, everyone rushed to the top. No matter what each individual came into the Shadow Place for, they’re all getting out of this together. While everyone made it out in one piece, another issue awaited them outside. Elves all over the kingdom were still on a rampage. In order to put this whole tragedy behind them, Patry knew what needed to be done. William’s magic was a must, though this would mean his end. Nonetheless, this was the least he could do for all the sins he’s committed. After allowing Asta to use the Demon-Destroyer Sword on him, Licht and William combined their magic. Reaching out to all the elves over the Clover Kingdom, they were finally able to learn the truth. Still, the final touches relied on Asta’s power. Upon plunging the Demon-Destroyer Sword into William’s tree, the elves inhabiting Clover citizens along with Licht were set free. However, not everyone could watch this spectacle in awe. Using his newest spell, Rades took hold of Patry’s soul, then reanimated him in Licht’s body. He cared not for another fight at the moment, but he left Patry with a warning. He’ll never forgive him for what he’s done, and he best watch his back. Regardless of Rades’ rash act, this allowed two souls with the same sin to face one another. Although they’ve spent countless years in the same body, Party and William can now see one another face to face.

While the majority of the elves can finally rest in peace, a few have remained. Alongside Party are his three most trusted allies. Due to Fana and Vetto having artificial bodies, their souls can cling onto life. As for Raia, he’s long taken claim over his human host. Nevertheless, these four will now forge a new path. What they had done is certainly unforgivable, but they will find their own way to begin making amends. Moreover, there’s still one last individual to see off. His time to go was 500 years ago, and his magic is all used up. Leaving Secre behind to watch over the future, Prince Lemiel’s long vigil comes to an end. Although he may be no more, he can rest easy knowing his descendants and kingdom stand stronger than ever. Now, it’s time to welcome one individual back into the fold. As rescue operations were beginning, Yami took William aside to pay his respects to Julius. Fortunately, a pleasant surprise awaited them. The man they both looked up to with pride stood once again, although maybe not as tall as he use to be. Time magic sure does work in mysterious ways.

Before heading down to the media for the 120th time, I would like to thank all those that have stuck it out here. It has been a very long journey. We’ve gone through a lot of rough and great episodes, and I’m happy to have covered it all. As we head into the next major arc, it should be noted that we’re likely to hit filler. There are only 24 chapters of source material left to be adapted presently, so brace yourselves for what’s to come. Anyhow, there’s three major problems in the aftermath of this long night. Enjoy a new dawn!


I’m not sure if this is going to turn into anything in the future, so don’t quite forget these two.




Click here for the 120th webm collection.


What’s the problem? The breadcrumbs into a new arc begins next time.

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