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Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T T.V. Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

She’s gone too far this time.

After a long day of events and rumor chasing mishaps, Academy City lit up the sky with fireworks. Day one of the Daihasei Festival may be over, but that was just the beginning. The following day, Misaka awoke to troubling news. Misaka 10032 never returned the uniform she borrowed, and this not something she’s known for. Believing something must of happened, Misaka searches all over the city for her. Upon finding she was taken away in a ambulance, she tracks down the drivers. Unfortunately, they could only give her puzzling answers. As she dug more and more into them, she realized their memories were compromised. There’s only one individual that could be behind this, though the scene she caused over this landed her in hot water. Fortunately, she was let off the hook after one of her teachers arrived. This isn’t the first time Watanabe has dealt with Misaka, although this time was different. Under the control of Misaki, she placed Misaka under the direct supervision of Misaki’s clique. Unable to further investigate the whereabouts of Misaka 10032, she turned to her friends for help. Sadly, Misaki had all her bases covered. Misaka’s closest friends can no longer remember her.

Prior to the first day ending, Uiharu dug a little too deep into the shadow metal rumor. She may have unparalleled skills on the computer, but that means nothing if she can’t remember what she found. Just what doesn’t Misaki want them finding? Moreover, it should be noted that we’ve only just gotten started into the story being told. There’s a lot of missing pieces rights now, though we’ll be getting a lot as the weeks roll on in. After all, things are never simple in Academy City. Anyhow, why have they taken Misaka 10032? Enjoy the start of a long investigation!





Click here for the 4th webm collection.


She’s not going to get away with this. The world may be against us, but we’ll be back for another one next Monday.

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